LAPISA, a100% Mexican Leader Company is located in La Piedad Michoacán which is one of the most highly recognized swine producer areas countrywide.
It counts with a hard working team which is highly committed to offer quality products and services competing in national and international markets by aiming the fulfillment of the veterinary, nutrition and poultry sectors´ necessities, having as its main commitment the innovation of products as well as the quality of its processes.
As on today, we do hold a confiding portfolio which includes: antibiotics, biologics, pharmaceuticals, premixes, and products destined for crop protection. In addition, we do count on a wide technical support team as well as a diagnose laboratory whose target is to provide professional support to livestock producers by offering intelligent and real solutions.


At LAPISA, we keep linked to Mexican Health Institutions, Universities and Research Centers through our Research and Development Department, and we are also allied to international companies so that we keep upgraded, having as a target the implementation of diagnosis tools as well as the development of new products that can contribute to a better benefit for our clients.
By acquiring ISO 9001 certification in the year 1998 which was released by BSI Management Systems, LAPISA is a pioneer enterprise within the animal health field, and we are committed to keep such certification by providing services under strict quality systems based on best improvement.
LAPISA hosts more than 400 hundred men and women to the service of livestock producers. Qualified personnel develop processes and supervise that those are performed consistently under established standards.
Our sales force´s main objective is to fulfill the needs of our clients, creating a link that allows us to detect and satisfy such necessities through providing technical service as well as the use of our product line.
Our technical department, which specializes in each area, has the responsibility to develop field tests, inform our sales force, provide technical support to producers and report upgraded information, in addition to the assistance to seminars and recognized national and international congresses.
One important link to our commercialization chain in Mexico is our distributors which are located countrywide and are an important part of our team so that together we all provide an excellent service to our final user.
LAPISA´s quality has gone overseas; we have consolidated our product´s exports through Latin America, Caribbean, Central Africa, Middle East and Asian Pacific, portraying LAPISA as a worldwide level organization.
We are an organization which is committed to nature that is why all of our processes protect and respect ecological regulations.
At LAPISA, a continuous evolution company, we see the future optimistically, we are certain to keep working so that we offer secure and true products.
LAPISA reminds its clients of the commitment that has characterized it from its very origin: TO CONTRIBUTE WITH HIGH LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION