ISO 9001

Located in Geneva Switzerland, The International Organization for Standardization or ISO is a nongovernmental organism established in 1947 in charge of promoting the development of international manufacturing, commerce and communication policies in all industrial fields except electrics and electronics. It´s main work is that of searching for the standardization of policies to products and security for companies or organizations at a worldwide level.

ISO established the 176th Technical Committee in 1980, dedicated specifically to the quality area; the result of this Committee is the ISO 9001 series.

ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 series is a group of policies for quality and continuous quality surveys. The principal family policy is: ISO 9001:2008- System of

Quality Survey.
The ISO 9001 policy is a model system that identifies the minimum essential elements to be CONTROLED as to provide the necessary CONFIDENCE to the CLIENT that the product or service he or she ordered will be supplied as negotiated and will accomplish those legal or applicable requirements that may apply.

LAPISA holds the recognition and international ISO 9001 certification supported by our certifier organism BSI Management Systems since 1998.
Holding ISO 9001 policy certifies that LAPISA has shown total capacity to provide products which satisfy the requirements of our clients on a regular basis as well as the legal and applicable regulations in addition to the increase of the satisfaction of our customers through the good application of the quality survey system, including best improvement processes to the system and the insurance of the client´s requirements, legal and applicable regulations.

Holding and maintaining ISO 9001 certification by LAPISA hasn´t been an easy work, it is necessary our company´s personnel conviction as to be in a best improvement process.

LAPISA is a pioneer company in its field and this helps to keep our commitment to maintain such certification by providing a service based on a highly strict quality survey system upon best improvement procedures.

LAPISA is a company that is always in search for getting ahead to the quality requirements that our clients demand. This means modifying administrative and productive models and f adopting systems that allow us to show uniformity and consistence in our product´s quality.

Born out of the quality survey system, our QUALITY POLICY establishes that:
¨Consistence in the quality of our products makes possible the satisfaction of the necessities of our clients which commit LAPISA to improve our quality work continuously through attitude, capacity and team-hard work.¨

The certification of constant capacity and commitment of LAPISA to its ASSOCIATES, CLIENTS, SUPPLIERS and TO OURSELVES.

At LAPISA, we are committed to continuously generate actions to prevent, reduce or mitigate natural effects and its resources, guaranteeing that our processes won´t affect nature or human beings.

At LAPISA we are committed to work through hygiene and security, meeting the regulation of risk prevention so that we provide well being to our employees by reaching quality, productivity and best improvement standards.