MISION: We are an international Enterprise which offers high quality products to the agricultural sector through technology and qualified personnel, contributing to the productivity of our clients as well as the atmosphere´s well being.

VISION: To develop Human Resources by having a sense of social responsibility in addition to a global vision.
To upgrade our infrastructure and logistics system by investing on manufacturing facilities and national as well as international distribution centers to fulfill the market demands.
To consolidate our presence in national and international Health, Animal Nutrition and Agricultural markets by incorporating Companion Animal and Poultry´s segments.



We have the capacity to develop ideas and original proposals to any situation as well as to each level.


Consistently, we perform our job on time and place according to specifications, policies and procedures.


We volunteer to face and solve situations thought as for a common will.


We perform our work enthusiastically; we generate confidence in the others by doing what we decide to do.

Team Work:

We reach our company´s targets through group work day by day, paying high respect to people´s dignity.


Our internal as well as our external clients are our reason for being, their satisfaction is our main target.

Social Responsability:

We contribute to the improvement of a business vision, life quality of people, ethical values, the community well being as well as environment.